Havdalah set


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This signed and numbered Havdalah set consists of a tray, a candlestick, a cup and plate and a Besamim box (spice container). The dedicated places on the tray, position the items in the order of their use in the ceremony.

The cup holds the halachically required quantity of wine and fits snugly on the plate. Excess wine flows over the convex part of the plate and accentuates the blessing of Abundance.

With its elegant tubular shape, the Besamim box can be easilty passed between the participants in the ceremony.

Due to the ingenious design of the sliding base, the candle stick can hold any shape of candle.

The Havdalah set is signed and numbered.

Dimensions: 260 x 240 x 145 mm
Materials: 925/1000 (sterling) silver, acrylic knob
Price: Euro 18000.-

In the collection of: The Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, Holland